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racklestackles asked:

Any work-out playlist recommendations other than Sisters of Mercy? (PS: good luck with your Captain America workout plan! I've lost 18 lbs since the new year with my superhero fitspo regime even though you wouldn't share Young Avengers exercise secrets :) )


Anything that basically avoids the pain of being human in favour of glacial invulnerability, basically.

I’ve no idea about my weight, actually. I know how I obsess over numbers generally, so keeping such knowledge away from me in favour of a general “how do you feel? how do you look?” sort of metric strikes me as a good idea. For me. As I’m odd.

My Captain America workout regime is basically “Lie around doing nothing for seventy years and then start moving around a bit.”

holavicente asked:

Cerberus did the "creator-owned comic that should've ended way sooner" before the walking dead. In Kirkman's case it's more because TWD is his cash-cow. Even though the milk has dried up and it's just spurting blood now, he's gonna keep squeezing that udder. That's the dude's problem, he doesn't want to leave a story alone (Invinsible included)

Yeah, not having read much of Cerebus I feel like that’s a very different thing having a lot more to do with Sim’s pathos than any general phenomenon.

For the record, I LIKE franchise properties (Spider-Man!) extending forever, and I like really long runs on those properties (Dan Slott on Spider-Man!). But creator-owned stuff should try whenever possible to do something qualifiably different than what the corps are offering. And I feel like the lack of sales on creator-owned stuff, and the unwillingness of fans to follow the creators they like across titles, creates this problem where basically once you start making money, you’re trapped into doing what you’ve been doing. Kirkman clearly had all those other ideas for comics he wanted to be doing, Thief of Thieves and whatever, but he settled for a producer’s credit and farmed them out to other writers because he needed to keep doing tWD and Invincible.

So basically the problem is that the “Walking Dead” brand is fighting against the “Spider-Man” brand, when it should be the “Spider-Man” brand against the “Robert Kirkman” brand. Qualifiably different.

He sat on his bed in the dark, doubled his arms around his knees and thought, scarcely breathing from the mental strain. But the more mental effort he made the clearer he saw that it was undoubtedly so: that he had really forgotten and overlooked one little circumstance in his life—that Death would come and end everything, so that it was useless to begin anything, and that there was no help for it. Yes, it was terrible, but true.


bigby wolf: well, we defeated the adversary
snow white: we sure did
bigby wolf: this is too successful a comics series to end here though
snow white: shit
bigby wolf: shit

The thing with Fables though is almost every big Vertigo series, no matter how popular, ended when it was supposed to. Sandman conked out after 75. Y: the Last Man went 60, Preacher around there (I wanna say 66?) Stuff like Scalped and Transmet stuck with 60, which was the agreed-upon number for a while, I guess. 100 Bullets made it to 100 (duh) and then fucking stopped.

I haven’t read Fables and I’m sure it should have stopped a long time ago. But really I blame the Walking Dead for inventing the interminable creator-owned comic. Robert Kirkman talking that “we could go 300 issues, fuck it, why not” shit.

Yeah that’s right Savage Dragon, I did conspicuously neglect to mention you.

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