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"I think the X-Men are analogous to any number of different things. Which is one of the beauties of the concept—all kinds of different people can find something to relate to in their struggle." - Including being analogous to X-Men fans who find themselves disenfranchised since Marvel put themselves in a situation where they don't get 100% of the profits from their most popular characters? In this case, Marvel would be the government persecuting those fans, who would be mutants themselves...


The young lady that was shot in the head by a police officer is still waiting to be interviewed by the police department

Ferguson Police claimed that 4 to 5 Black males conducted a drive by which resulted in a White woman being shot in the head. (Here, Here, Here)

(they’ve edited the articles to take out the white part and that she was killed hehehe)

Residents knew it was BS. 

Turns out Mya was shot by a police officer. The department forced surgeons to take the bullet out and took the bullet for “Ballistics”

Over a week later, she still has yet to be contacted by the department

Do not let her story go ignored




“”We wanted to do something that we hadn’t done before,” Kreisberg said. “With Malcolm, it was a very specific villain who had a very specific agenda. That was designed where they didn’t even necessarily know they were up against each other until the very end. In Season 2, Slade’s plan was all about revenge. It was personal. It was something he blamed Oliver for. “For Season 3, we wanted a new challenge for Oliver. [Ra’s] really speaks to the emotional theme of the season, which is, ‘Can I be both the Arrow and Oliver Queen at the same time?’ The villain says to Oliver, ‘The reason you’re not able to fully be the Arrow and do the things you should be doing is because you’re still holding on to Oliver Queen. I’ve left my identity behind to full commit to my cause. If you did that, you could rise as high as I am.’ Knowing that was emotionally what we wanted to do, that was how we landed on [Ra’s].””

Arrow executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, on why Ra’s al Ghul of all people is going to be the season three Big Bad of the show.

Arrow as a show kind of baffles me. I mean, this is a show that stars versions of a fairly large section of the Batman cast, from Helena Bertinelli’s Huntress to Deadshot to even Harley Friggin’ Quinn of all people… yet thus far Batman apparently does not yet exist in the show’s universe.

A universe where Harley Quinn, and thus logically the Joker must exist, but no Batman. Weird.

(via annotateddc)

you know they’re not allowed to use batman right

so what I’m getting from this is that green arrow has literally no interesting nemeses, since afaik slade wilson was more of a robin/nightwing and/or Teen Titans villain

For the most part superheroes needing to have their “own” villains is largely a construct of licensing kerfuffles in other media tbh

Like, Iron Man and Hulk, for two, don’t have any good designated villains. It’s telling that every character who has been a villain in an Iron Man movie except Whiplash (who sucks) is dead in the comics, and one of them died like two pages after they appeared and was never a villain? My favorite Iron Man story of the past several years had him fighting the Green Goblin. Hulk mostly just fights other superheroes.

I think the Al Ghuls are the key villains in my Wonder Woman pitch. Wonder Woman also has shit for villains. Fucking Cheetah? “Catwoman but slightly less of a sex thing, and moderately more evil.” Great arch-nemesis, Diana.

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